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Flood Information in MCA Reports

Appraisal forms such as UAD 1004 require flood information to be filled in along with flood maps for the area of the subject property.

In MCA, appraisal reports can automatically include flood information using our source of FEMA flood data and map information. Currently Flood Maps are supported within the Appraisal Complexity Reports and soon it will be available on all Appraisal Reports in MCA.

Note that flood information is a separate add-on in MCA. So, please contact to have the flood add-on set up for your account.

Below are instructions for how to view flood information within Appraisal Complexity Reports.

How to View Flood Reports within Appraisal Complexity Reports

Step 1: After you have generated an Appraisal Complexity Report, look for the section called “Map & Flood Information” at the bottom of the screen.

Please see here for how to generate an Appraisal Complexity Report.

Step 2: Click on “Map & Flood Information” or swipe to the section on the Complexity Report preview page


Flood Map & Information

The flood information and map are automatically populated using the subject property address and geolocation. 

The flood information presented includes:

  1. Special Flood Hazard Area designation
  2. FEMA Flood Zone classification code
  3. FEMA Map Number
  4. FEMA Map Effective Date
  5. FIRM Identifier
  6. FIRM Panel Identifier
  7. FIRM Panel Type
  8. Community Name
  9. Community Identifier

To access flood data, the feature must be enabled for a company at the time of setup. Contact us at to enable flood data access for your account.