MCA is loaded with features to make your life easy
Accurate & Compliant


One Search

MCA brings all the market data and insights into a single and simple interface

One Score

Appraisal Complexity Score - helps you understand the property and appraisal effort before you begin

One Vision

Deep Learning based image recognition automates your image labeling and ordering

mca feature

Power your appraisals with:

Flexible Value Adjustments

Automated Market Conditions

Flip Sale Identification

Customize: White label and SSO friendly for AMCs and Lenders

Maintain and expand your brand. Leverage the best in technology to grow your business.

mca feature
mca feature

Completely Online - Access from Anywhere, Anytime

Never have to deal with having the wrong software version

Get the latest features automatically – no updates required

Work from any computer – home, office, or on the road

Intuitive User Interface

Interactive Maps    |    Multiple Comparable Views
Built In Google Street View / Aerial Maps    |    Edit any field anywhere in the app  & auto-generate adjustments

mca feature

Join thousands of appraisers using MCA for their appraisal analytics

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